Sustainable Eastern Will County

Eastern Will County is the site for the proposed Third Airport for the Chicago Metropolitan area. It is located just south of Chicago on the Illinois Indiana State line.  The State of Illinois has purchased substantial acreage for the new airport, and has completed numerous studies.

The Eastern Will County Commission was formed to lead the planning for this area. The Commission developed a land use plan with and without the airport, a transportation plan, and numerous Sustainable Development polices.

Sustainable Economic Development combines economic development and environmental improvement into one discipline.

Leave your City better then you found it.

"Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.“

· Mitigate the impacts of the new airport

· Develop strategies with and without the airport

· "Right Size" transportation improvements

· Use open surface natural drainage where feasible 

· Incorporate bikeways and pedestrian path

· Minimize pavement widths, cost and material

· Support natural open space and parks

· Require street trees

· Revitalize Eastern Will County

· Increase Sustainability and Green Technology

· Retain and Expand Existing Businesses

· Nurture and Grow New Businesses 

· Attract New investment and Business

· Create a Positive Image of the region

· Increase the Diversity of the Economic Base

· Provide Solid Jobs at Good Wages

· Promote efficient buildings

· Use recycled material in buildings

· Recycle building material waste

· Encourage rain harvesting and irrigation

· Use passive solar orientation of buildings

· Encourage solar and wind energy systems

· Employ green roofs

· Support the use of natural landscaping

· Improve municipal staff knowledge of “green” techniques

· Support quality construction for long lived buildings

· Design wetlands, drainage systems, retention and bio swales into parks

· Update codes to encourage “green” development

· Encourage development that supports transit

Eastern Will County Watersheds



Will County Land Resource Plan with Transportation Improvements